Use vlan t-mobile at home

best friends,
i have flashed openwrt for my linksys ea8500. more functions and of course more settings. now I am still a layman in the field of institutions. I know a number of basic institutions, but I am not an ICT professional. I come across the problem of vlans. my internet provider uses vlan id 300 for internet and 640 for iptv. Now I want to use port 1 and 2 for internet and port 3 and 4 for iptv. I can not work at all. the only thing that works is wifi. who can help me with setting vlan's? such as a clear description or maybe a video on youtube.

Hello there! First read the pages of your device and the section of networking that deals with switches
Also confirm that you have the switch configuration page in the WebGUI, as it will make configuration easier.

If my guess is correct, you'd need to create two wan interfaces that bind to two subinterfaces of the wan ethernet NIC. Then you'd need to split the LAN ports of the device into two vlans and assign half ports to one vlan and the rest to the other. The LAN ports should remove any vlan tags (untagged is the keyword) and tag towards the CPU (port 0)
Watch this video for reference.

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Can you post a screenshot of the switch config page for you device?


This is what i found on the internet. I have use this settings but is for now not working correctly.

Once you have vlan 300 tagged through to the CPU port, you have to attach it to the wan network instead of the default vlan 2 (which no longer exists anyway). Go to the network--interfaces page and edit wan physical settings. Choose eth0.300.

To hardware switch vlan 640 through to your TV box, change one of the LAN ports for that purpose. Set it to tagged in vlan 640 and off in all the others (it may also need 100 though). You can turn 640 off to the CPU. The router CPU doesn't need to see TV traffic.

Some switch hardware requires special configuration to use VLAN numbers higher than 15 or 127.

best friend, I have done with what you have told me. but then the TV does not work yet. what exactly do I have to do in interfaces. I have tried all modes but do not get a television. I also tried everything in Switch to get a picture, but that does not work either. what am I doing wrong?

Could you post the contents of /etc/config/network file?

Hi @Jeroen,

Did you have any luck getting this going? I'm having issues with a Linksys EA8300. I have it working with a TP Link Archer C7 without problem, but the big difference is that the LAN and WAN are both eth0 on that device. It's only a matter of setting VLANs and done.

On the EA8300 I shortly had it working with 19.07.3. I had just enabled bridging from eth1.640 to LAN port 4 and voilá. 19.07.3 was unstable due to an issue with IPv6 on the WAN port. That was fixed in 19.07.4. I finally found a bit of time where I could afford downtime and try it out again. The router seems stable, but I was unable to get the TV going.

I'm sure I'm overlooking something. What I tried:

  • Just set the VLAN 640 tagged on eth1 (port 5), tagged on the CPU (port 0) and untagged on port 4, where my TV box is connected to.
  • Explicitly created a bridge interface for VLAN 640 on eth1.640 and then the above config
  • Created a (bridge) interface on eth1.640 and one on eth0.13 (extra VLAN, connected to port 4) and bridged them, also tried routing with NAT

Any help is appreciated!



Use of VLANs is totally broken in 19.07.4 for all ipq40xx devices.

Thanks @bill888 ... that explains a lot... On 19.07.3 it worked pretty easily and I had it going in like 5 minutes, except that that was broken due to en ethernet issue (unusable).