Use TP-Link Archer C7 V5 as a LAN switch with wireless connection to main router


as the title spoilers already, I want to use my TP-Link Archer C7 V5 (OpenWrt 19.07.0-rc1) as a switch for cable connected devices. The connection to my main router (LAN) should be established via 2.4 and 5Ghz WLAN. If you need more information what I want to accomplish, feel free to ask.

I hope somebody could help me to finalize my project.

Greetings dataCobra

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Hello and welcome to our forum.
Here is the document about turning a router into dumbAP.

Hello trendy,

thank you for the fast reply and the link to the doc.
dumbAP is really what I'm searching for, but there is one problem.

  1. Use an Ethernet to connect one of the LAN ports on your main router to one of the LAN/switch ports of your “new” dumb AP. (There's no need to connect the WAN port of the Dumb AP.)

I'm not able to connect the AP to my main router via cable. That's why I was writing about a connection to the main router via WLAN. With the cable connection I want to make devices connect to the switch.

I hope this explanation helps a bit more.

Then you'd need to use either WDS or AP+STA or (worst case) relayd.


Hello trendy,

I use AP+STA now and it works like a charm, thank you very much :grinning:. After this is working now, I would like to achieve the following:

Devices connected to the openwrt-router should be known to the main-router/network and should get a DHCP address from the main network. How do I accomplish this?

WDS or Layer 2 GRE tunnel (batman-adv overkill for two nodes)


Hello Jeff,

thank you for your reply. My main router is a "FritzBox 7490" this is not compatible with WDS. :frowning:

Do you have a link for 2 GRE tunnel? So I can look this up?

If you're limited by Fritz!OS on one side, GRE tunnels aren't option either.

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So since the way I want it to work is with a "normal" router not available I will replace my FritzBox 7490 with my openWRT Router.

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