Use specific interface to access the internet (3g modem especial instead of lan)

I had tpl-mr3020 v3 with openWRT
It has 2 internet sources: wired from my main router and via 3g-usb-modem.
Also I installed tinyproxy on it.

In current situation when I am making request through proxy - request going through wired connection (through main router), but not through 3g-modem. I am checking it with

I need next thing: wired connection can be used for local access (for example if I need connect to luci/ssh/proxy), but every connection to internet should go through 3g-modem.

I've tried some traffic rules but without any success.

Can someone help me?

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Thanks! It works. I've tried also metrics option, but it gives only some priority without blocking lan internet. But you point exactly what I need

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