Use samba server as openwrt storage

i was thinking of using a part of my other servers smb storage which i use for transferring data over my local network as openwrt storage
i can use cifs to mount that smb storage in openwrt but will there be anyway to use that for installing openwrt packages?(like putting files on samba server then setting a symbolic link to /bin /sbin /usr/sbin etc i work as a sys admin so i kind of know what im doing here)
im very new to openwrt i just installed it for testing on an old router(currently my main is a low tier mikrotik router which i will probably sell for a good router with openwrt)

has anybody done that?

This page looks like what you're after:

Once you've mounted the remote share, you can update /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf with file methods:

I do not think you can use a non-native filesystem for overlay, there are features needed by any Linux-based OS that are not supported by other filesystems.

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