Use RT-AC68U build on Linksys EA6900

I have an EA6900 v1.1 that would be more useful to me with OpenWrt, however I was unable to find a build. I have no training but a lot of experience tinkering, so I figured an ASUS unit had to be similar. According to Techinfo Depot, The RT-AC68U and is extremely similar:

Techinfo Depot EA6900 v1.1

Techinfo Depot RT-AC68U

and there is a build available for it.

The only hardware difference I noticed is the RAM chip.

Before I solder on a serial connection and risk bricking it, I would like to hear from someone with better knowledge whether or not this is a waste of time, if it's even possible that it will work.

Broadcom driver limitations are not an issue and I understand the risks, this is more of a "because it's there" and "waste not, want not" project.

I would recommend booting the image directly from RAM instead of overwriting the stock image. Most devices can sideload (yes, as in Android) an ARM FitImage. Once booted, you can research the kernel boot log to see any error or warning it may issue.


Excellent! Thanks for the quick reply. I've never needed to do a sideload, but I've read several tutorials, so it will be an interesting learning experience. Now that I see where it's useful in this situation, I feel like I should have done it more often in the past.

Even if you flashed OpenWrt successfully, WiFi would be useless because there is no FOSS driver available for BCM4360.

He is aware of that:

Hi Turambar25

Have you been successful in loading the ac68u image onto the ea6900 ?
(I have a similar problem, used tomato and dd-wrt in the past, but I prefer openwrt by far far and don't need the wifi for my application).

Thanks and cheers blinton

I too have a Linksys EA6900 (v1.1) that I would love to use with OpenWRT. Working WiFi would be great, but isn't a deal breaker.

I came across this post a while back - "a solution to flash official RT-AC68U or ASUS Merlin for RT-AC68U on the Linksys EA6900". I successfully converted my EA6900 to an Asus RT-AC68U, and am successfully using stock Asus firmware.

I can't say for sure that a OpenWRT AC68U build will work on a converted EA6900, but it's definitely worth testing.

Can anyone with more intimate knowledge chime in? (I understand the Broadcom FOSS WiFi issue.)

Thanks friend! I had shelved this project as I couldn't find reliable serial connection info and I began amusing myself with single board computers. The post you shared has inspired me to revisit. I am confident that this will work as the hardware is basically identical. I should have time next week and I will get back to you.

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Success! It's a little bit odd the things you have to do to get it to install, but I followed the tutorials thewoolf mentioned and ended up with Luci as an AC68U. I haven't tested anything and there's no wifi (as expected) but I will fiddle with it and post results.