Use OpenWrt to connect to another wifi point with mac randomization

I'm new to OpenWrt. I have an Android phone that has the mac randomization for wifi. I would like to set up OpenWrt on a device (maybe Raspberry Pi). I would then like to access a remote wifi hotspot with the OpenWrt device and gain access to the internet with my Android phone. I have an ethernet adapter that works fine with an ethernet RJ45 outlet and the other end is a USB-C connecter that attaches to my phone USB port. I am able to turn off mac randomization on my phone if necessary to connect to the OpenWrt device.

Can I turn on mac randomization inside OpenWrt while connected to that other remote wifi hotspot? If the Raspberry Pi option does not work out, I would still like to know if OpenWrt supports it's own wifi mac randomization so that access can still be private. Maybe other hardware can be used.


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Randomize router's MAC address - #5 by wulfy23

Thanks for that link. I saw the Github page and one of the instructions about the script said to "Copy wan-mac to /etc/init.d/". Is /etc/init.d/ located on the router? If so, can I communicate to the router with a Linux terminal window?


Thanks again!

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