Use OpenWrt router as Wireguard VPN server for clients outside the network

Hi there,

I am currently running OpenWRT v21.02.3 on Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition.
One of the reasons I need to use VPN is to connect to computers in different locations. For this I currently use a cloud VPS with Ubuntu and Wireguard installed. The computers in question are running Wireguard clients and are then on the same (VPN) network. It works fine.

Is there a way to use Wireguard installed on OpenWRT router the same way as the Wireguard on the cloud VPS? The OpenWRT router has static public IP form ISP.

Do I understand correctly that once WIreguard is installed on the router all communication from the router will be encrypted but when I want any of my devices behind this router to be on the VPN network they need to connect via Wireguard client anyway?
And machines in different locations would just use Wireguard client and connect to the VPN server running on my router?

Is this possible? Does it make sense? Or should this be done in some better way?

Many thanks in advance.

Yes, but at least with multiple concurrent clients you might want a slightly faster router.
All data going over the tunnel will be encrypted, everything else depends on your routing/ configuration.

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The other option would be Raspberry Pi (2B) sitting right next to the router ..