Use iwd as wpa_supplicant replacement

Hi, I read this article about the new iwd tool and was wondering if there are plans to use it at some point?

I couldn't find anything regarding OpenWrt + iwd so I'm asking here this very unspecific question.

I think the hard-dependency on D-Bus makes it difficult to use it, at least by default, on OpenWRT.

From the article:

The audience asked whether iwd would ever work without D-Bus; Holtmann replied in the negative. It would be better to optimize any inefficiencies out of D-Bus, he said, than to try to get iwd to work without it.

There is a dbus package on OpenWRT, so in theory iwd should work, but someone would have to create/modify inetifd integration scripts and perhaps other parts of the system too (I'm not familiar with how the whole system works).

Someone could try to get rid of the dbus dependency, likely by replacing it by ubus with a patch. That would give it more chances to be used by default as it would have less dependencies (smaller .ipk), but it would have to offer considerable benefits over wpa_supplicant to justify maintain it and its patches (if it's even possible to replace the D-Bus interface)

Additionally, adding iwd with the D-Bus interface to the core packages means adding all its dependencies also, so dbus would have to be moved from the packages repository into the OpenWRT one, which might not be a popular idea depending who you ask.

I've read that iwd is sometimes more reliable at connecting than wpa_supplicant, but I haven't really tested it.
Are you testing it on some devices or is only curiosity? It would be great if we can have real-life testing.