Use Adguard in home network using wireguard

I have a working Wireguard setup on Openwrt ( +clients, But cant get DNS to work through the tunnel. On the android client I tried different IPs but non work.

What setting do i need to get my android phone to use Adguard (192.168.1.x) which is running on my home network?


In addition, enable DNS hijacking and make sure to disable DoH/DoT in the client browser/OS.


Thx! The first option worked. I also had to specify custom DNS server on the router? Now my AdBlocker is blocking requests from my router's IP(WG)

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The DNS requests are getting through to adguard home. I see the router IP and the lookup name, but it takes quite some seconds before the page loads.

try disabling the VPN, and just use their DNSes.

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