USBIP and LEDE 17.01.1 on BlackSwift (ar9331/embeded board)

I usually use OpenWRT 14.07 from blackswift repo, it works fine on Win7 32/64, but I tried LEDE and last updates of software that I use is good, but usbip 2.0.5 does not seem to work, not for win, not for nix. I found a mention that it does not work with kernel after 3.14. LEDE has 4.4. Or I need suitable version for package from LEDE repo.
I mean where is source for usbip from LEDE repo? Or maybe somebody can build it for Win?

LEDE has usbip[Name_pkg-page*~]=usbip

and it is using upstream Linux kernel sources for it as explained in package makefile

The windows part is from here maybe? or what is called the software you use on Windows? It's not from LEDE.

You're right. Windows side client from sourceforge, but apparently it is outdated
I would like to know whether anyone used usbip in LEDE?