USB3 RF Interference on 2.4G Devices, a report from Intel

Dear developers and users,

Please be aware that USB 3 interference on 2.4G Wifi is a continuing unresolved issue, please be advised:

With Metta

Have they not published anything on this issue since then (2012)?

No idea, the best scenario according to the report above is mitigation by proper shielding, not a solution though.

There is nothing to add to it. USB 3.0 controllers cause interference and must be shielded properly by doing a correct board design that takes into consideration these limitations. Some routers are not doing this, and their wifi gets hammered every time you use USB 3.0 with them.

For those cases, you just don't use USB 3.0 devices if you want wifi.

This was especially fun in the past when also laptops (even Apple laptops) had this issue, but afaik this is not common nowadays as most devices are designed correctly and designers know of this problem.

But it can still happen.