USB Wi-Fi that work in OpenWrt. Please add to list

Forget to mention more about the IO-DATA WHG-AC433US, this one is kind of weird when I tried to use under Linux (not limited to RPi). First it has 100% same outlook as the same IO-DATA branded WN-AC433UK, according to DeviWiki it's MT7610U, and from Windows I can see that WHG-AC433US is also 802.11ac WiFi loading a Ralink driver, I suspect they are actually the same but just different USB ID (04bb:0955).

Eventually I tested with following after installing kmod-mt76x0u:

echo 04BB 0955 > /sys/bus//usb/drivers/mt76x0u/new_id

It's recognized by the system immediately, proved that it's also MT7610U based USB dongle, I don't know if there will be any chance this USB ID got put back to linux kernel upstream, so now I have to make the above command part of the startup script in order to have it working.