Usb to ethernet port naming

i am working with a vantec usb 3 to dual gigabit ethernet port adapter,
upon reboot running ifconfig -a
I see assignment of eth1 to a given macaddress and eth2 to another
if pull the adapter and replug in sometimes eth1/eth2 are swapped
how can I link eth1 and eth2 to always be referencing the same network interface by mac ???

I think the best way would be with hotplug.

with hotplug with script in net dir I can see when i unplug and plug back in the usb 3 to ethernet adapters ... so I think i can rename with ip link set

but on bootup I'd like to run a script at point that i then could find the ethernet interfaces with ifconfig -a and rename them immediately and then only thereafter if their hotplug.d/net/ gets called .... I don't get any such call on bootup ...
i want the naming to be done before any references are to be used ... Do i have to wedge that in /etc/init.d formality? I see network [START=10] ... do you know if interfaces are named at 10 or before or after so I could find them via ifconfig -a and immediately rename them before they are referenced?

I would look into the usb dir, rather than the net.

net was the location ... what threw me off was on boot my code for action = "add" was delayed in printing by seconds even though it was invoked near 8 seconds but it printed near 11 seconds ... like to know what script func I might be able to call to get the time since boot that appears in brackets [seconds.xxxxxx] so I could display when it does print when it was actually invoked ... logger calls appear to be queued up until a certain part of the system is up.

revised: until logger is up entries are not found in the logger file... so when my /etc/hotplug.d/net/script was called and found in the log file that was not a delayed log entry but a new log entry.