Usb to Ethernet only 10mbps

I got a cheap usb to rj45 with 10/100mbps support so i installed them on a laptop runing openwrt ext4. It works well the bad thing is that i only get 10mbps on my ap with tomato, so i tested it on windows and i did get 100mbps speed so i dont know what to do. I installed the sr9700 kmod driver and the dm9601 cause the usb wont get a mac adress incluiding all the usb drivers of course.

I'd recommend asking on the Tomato forums since this is not official OpenWrt. But there is a high probability that the USB port on your device is either USB 1.1 (12Mbps) or USB bandwidth with the processor is just simply not fast enough to give you higher speeds.

Some of those cheapest USB Ethernet adapters are unfortunately limited to 10Base-T despite advertisement telling you it's not. I have one (with translucent blue enclosure) that behaves just like yours.


So do i have an option to contiunue with openwrt. As my configuration is modem-switch(ap)-router(openwrt-just 1 ethernet port)

What device are you using?

So the modem is my isp router. The switch/ap is an rt ac68u from asus (yep a broadcom based device) and the router is an old laptop (only 1 ethernet port) with openwrt installed wich was working fine until i noticed the low speed… also this is a temporary set up as im saving for a netgear r6700 so pls tell me i have a chance

Unless your Internet connection is close to 1Gbps I'd buy cheaper device to replace mess you're currently using earlier (used R6220 are dirt cheap and nicely supported).

Yeah i like dreaming… but no i don't have an 1gbps connection. I like that netgear router but also i want to change my entire network so i want a router like that but if you have better recommendations i'd like to hear them considering 100$ to invest

Your budget is certainly higher than mine was :slight_smile: in this case you'll easily find something better than R6220. There's probably a mt76 device with ax radio within this price envelope.

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