USB tethering - phone requires reboot after every connection

Hi! I'm new here on the forum, I have been using OpenWRT for a few years and it has worked great.

I just got a Samsung Galaxy S10 and I'm experiencing a weird problem that USB tethering only works "once". After I disconnect the phone I need to restart the phone if I want to use USB tethering again.

When tethering works, it works perfectly, when it doesn't work, I get the same messages in the system and kernel logs and some sites might work to some extent if I'm lucky.

I'm not blaming OpenWRT however because the same problem exists with the original firmware on my router (Asus RT-N56U), the Paladin firmware on the same router and also on an Ubuntu Linux machine. I guess the all use the same RNDIS driver.

USB tethering using the Galaxy S10 works perfectly on Windows machines and require no restart between connections.

Has anybody else experienced anything similar?

out of curiosity, did you try switching flight mode on and off, on the phone, when the connection dies, instead of rebooting ?

Thanks for the reply @frollic!

Yep, I have tried switching flight mode on and off, switching wireless tethering on and off to see if something would reset, but to no avail. I have also tried with tethering as USB auto configuration on and off but it didn't make a difference.