USB stick for access point

I got an installation of Openwrt in a system (PCengines Alix2D13) that i do not have a wifi card on it. I got a usb stick TP Link TL-WN722N and i would like to ask if it is possible to attach it on the router to share the wifi. Instead of having an AP or an internal wifi card, make use of the usb stick. If yes, how do i do that, please?

doable depending on chipset ...

Realtek is usually garbage, yours could to be Atheros.

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how do i do it then?

Confirm that your WN722 is a v1. V2 or V3 are entirely different inside and not supported.

Install packages kmod-ath9k-htc and ath9k-htc-firmware, as well as the wifi stack (hostapd, kmod-cfg80211, wireless-regdb, etc). Reboot with the adapter plugged in(*). You should now have an /etc/config/wireless file and a Network-Wireless option in LuCI. Configure wifi like any other hardware.

(*) OpenWrt uses the physical path to the adapter, so it has to always be plugged into the same USB port. If you move it to a different port it will appear as a separate new radio and need to be reconfigured.


plug it into a usb port and read dmesg.

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