USB/printer on WRT32X

As my old modem/router is dying I ordered a new router (I don't need modem now) Linksys WRT32X.
I am waiting, should get it in few days.
I had a look on the Linksys web page here and found out that it can't drive a printer from the USB connector.

This is one of my requirement, so ma question: Is it a software or hardware limitation? Does OpenWRT can drive the printer?

Thank you for your help

It works just fine however if you're using a cheap crappy one what needs firmware loaded once powered up you might be out of luck.

I own a Brother DCP-7055 laser scanner/printer and would like to share it.
As I run Linux OpenSuse, I'll install sane and p910nd Printer Server.
Any experience?

I am glad to read it's working... :star_struck:

Thank you

Generally if the printer can work with USB from a desktop Linux using mainstream drivers, it should be possible to have it work on OpenWrt. It's much better to spend a few bucks more on a printer with integral networking in the first place though.