Usb powered access point for tablet?

Hello, I am looking for a secure, travel sized, USB powered, Access Point to be used with a tablet? I would like it to be dual 802.11a/g/n 2.4/5ghz and must have minimum transfer rate of 300mbs with as high range as possible. My goal is to transfer data from a device to my tablet using the access point while powering that access point by the tablet making this completely mobile. The tablet will either have a network port for use or a USB network Ethernet adapter on it. I will need that tablets wireless to connect to a second network so it is not an option for use in this network topology. Any help anyone can provide in suggesting the best hardware for this would be greatly appreciated.

I noticed one or 2 devices on this list:[0]=device%20type_%3DTravel%20Router%20-%20Battery%20powered

This list may also be helpful:[0]=device%20type_%3DTravel%20Router

A clue is inclusion of a Micro USB port and/or 5 Volt power.

Take a look at GL-Inet's stuff. They have a multitude of small routers one of which will probably fit your needs.

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