Usb.overview: disconnect of content and pagename

Pagename: usb.overview

Former pagettitle: The USB Port: An Overview
Former content:

Current pagetitle: Turning USB power on and off
Current content:

Issue: This change led to a disconnect of content and pagename. The backlinks to usb.overview are not satisfied any more the way they were before the change mentioned above.

Solution: ?

I'm new here, but having spent some time already searching for USB information w.r.t. to OpenWrt, I think (after having read the old content, and the new content), that the more complete page (even though it is filled with mostly links to unwritten future content) would serve as nice future starting point for somebody in the situation I was in in the past.

So, why not restore revision 1518899460, and build from there? Or am I missing a reason why the bullet point list of USB use cases was removed?