USB-over-IP broken

"USB-over-IP" packages have been broken for a long time, are known to be unmaintained, and cannot be built; however, on each release these packages are still active on the default configuration.

What is the point in keeping this packages as enabled if they cannot be built?

They seem to be built here:

# cat /etc/os-release | tail -1 ; opkg find "*usbip*"
LEDE_RELEASE="LEDE Reboot 17.01.5 r3919-38e704be71"
kmod-usbip - 4.4.140-1 - USB-over-IP kernel support
kmod-usbip-client - 4.4.140-1 - USB-over-IP client driver
kmod-usbip-server - 4.4.140-1 - USB-over-IP host driver
usbip - 2.0-6 - USB-over-IP (common)
usbip-client - 2.0-6 - USB-over-IP (client)
usbip-server - 2.0-6 - USB-over-IP (server)

Well, this is weird: my local builds fail at "usbip" packages, and cannot continue unless I disable them at make menuconfig; however, I see that those packages have indeed been built... I cannot understand this.

Check out the PR page of openwrt packages on github... There are moe than one pr that tried to resolve the issue...
To get usbip build on 4.14 you have to delete the patch for usbip... Its included in upstream source code.

Iirc the problem stems from the fact that it currently builds for 4.9 but fails for 4.14.