Usb Modem Not Connect After Reboot or Poweroff

Why on Orange Pi R1 Plus Lts the usb modem not connect after reboot/power off, red led always blinking and cannot enter the web ui (luci) until unplugged the usb modem and reboot again and plugged after web ui (luci) can access

Power issue, typically. See what is in the log.
What's the modem model?

Orange Pi R1 Plus LTS, modem is Huawei E5577

cannot see log, because before unplugged usb modem after reboot, cannot open luci

You don't need Luci for that. Use serial (TTL UART) connection.

If you have a powered USB hub or USB Y-cable you can try using it to feed more power to the modem.

I already try using powered usb hub, but still same, red blinking led and cannot enter luci and not detect the usb modem

E5577 has own battery inside