USB/IP - "...USB cable is bad?"


i struggle a bit with usb/ip server on Xiaomi MiR3G v1 and Ubuntu client. I'm able to get stable connection between RaspPi and Ubuntu(as the client, usbip-utils 2.0) but when i try to use OpenWRT as a server (tested "official releases" 18.06.5 and 19.07.1, usbip packages version 2.0-11) i get this:

It's fresh flash, I just had to replace the libudev-fbsd(20171216-1) for libudev(3.2-1) in order to get my devices even listed. No matter if it's wired or wireless connection.

The USB device is connected directly to the MiR3G. I'm able to get list of devices on the client side.

Any advice will be much appreciated.

Hello, I have the same problem on OpenWrt 21.02.0, kernel 5.4.143 (usbip server) and Debian 11 (usbip client; the same usbip versions on both server and client). Binding on the server works, attaching on the client also starts ok, howvever, it results into many kernel error as listed in the figure by op above. Is there any fix/workaround?