USB hard drive going to sleep or standby, doesn't wake up

I've got a USB SSD hard drive attached to my router, and I can access it over the local network using Samba. However after a few minutes of inactivity it becomes inaccessible. I assume it's "going to sleep" or going into standby or something. The only way to "wake it up" is to unplug the drive and plug it in again, then I can access it.

Any help is greatly appreciated! (I primarily use Luci but I can run terminal commands if necessary)

I'm using OpenWrt 19.07.2 r10947-65030d81f3, Kernel Version 4.14.171.

Anything usefull in the logs?

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Lots of things in the logs but I'm not sure what relates to the problem - having said that, it seems to be working now, when I access it over the network it wakes up ok... I am still playing with the settings while I set up OpenWRT so maybe I did something... I'll keep an eye on it