USB Ethernet adapter /dev persistence


I have a router running Lede 17.01 RC and use usb-modeswitch to connect two Huawei e8372 USB LTE Hilink modems. I have them both set up working fine as separate WAN interfaces (eth1 and eth2).

I am trying to set up mwan3 to load balance and direct certain LAN devices to use certain WAN connections and that is all working fine.

The problem I am having is that when rebooting the router, sometimes eth1 and eth2 swap around which completely breaks my mwan3 rules. Traffic ends up going out the wrong WAN connection.

Is there a way I can either alias a certain particular modem to a particular dev? The output from lsusb -v shows that they are both identical (which they are except for the port they are connected to).

Here is a pastebin of both sets of USB information:

I'm hoping I can use hotplug or something to create an alias or symbolic link to a particular modem. I am happy to control which USB port they are connected to as once this is going I will be leaving it all alone and not touching it.

Nobody knows?