USB-DVB-Driver for Hauppauge Broadway?


I am working on "PCTV-Broadway".
The device is a DVB-Receiver. Unfortunately, I can not find any driver for USB-DVB-Receiver in the SDK.
I have times a document from the SDK of PCTV attached.

The drivers are actually contained in the kernel.
How can I integrate the necessary drivers into the LEDE sources?

Hardware (Info from inside Broadway, PCTV-SDK):

Hardware platform
Broadway is a so-called SoC (system on chip) platform with some extensions.
The main hardware components are:
• 384 MHz MIPS CPU (Ralink RT3052)
• 8 MB NVRAM (Flash)
◦ 192 KB bootloader (U-Boot)
◦ 64 KB Ralink config (e.g. wifi connection, static IPs)
◦ 64 KB factory (e.g. wifi calibration, hardware id)
◦ 7744 KB firmware image (LZMA packed)
◦ 128 KB PCTV settings (e.g. channel lists)
• 64 MB RAM
• 7-port USB hub

  1. external ST11 (back left connector)
  2. external ST10 (back right connector)
  3. internal Xcode (ViXS XC4105 based transcoding board - aka Hollywood)
  4. internal Exeter (Conexant-based ATSC/NTSC hybrid tuner board)
  5. external ST9 (front connector)
  6. internal NovaTD (Dibcom-based dual DVB-T tuner stick)
  7. internal not connected
    • 10/100 Mbit/s Ethernet
    • WLAN 802.11 b/g/n
    • A/V-input with Micronas AVF4910B decoder

I am not a Developer! This all is new for me.

Thanks, Igel

The drivers are actually contained in the kernel.

which upstream kernel version? 3.18 4.4 4.9 4.12 ...

How can I integrate the necessary drivers into the LEDE sources

which lede version? master 17.01

I have download the lede-17.01.2 with Kernel 4.4.71.

You could add a new file under

with the driver you need and compile it.
And install it on your system.

But I am not sure if the Ralink RT3052 SOC is included in the lede tree? If not then the first thing is to add the new target.

The build for RT3052 is ok, see here (its german):

So if you have already flashed the box with lede, then check if the drivers are installable by opkg install.
If not then you have to compile your own LEDE and add a new file "source/package/kernel/linux/modules/" to make the needed driver selectable in "make menuconfig"

OK. I'm trying to implement this.
But still I have no idea about it ...

For your information.
If the drivers are in the upstream kernel and they are not build by default as module (xxx.ko) or into the kernel it self. Then you have to add it to "source/package/kernel/linux/modules/" if so then they could be selected by lede "make menuconfig" and then it should be build as an ipkg package. Which could be installed on the box. Take a look to the files in this dir this should help.

The drivers are not selectable with "make menuconfig".

Here i have found the driver for my hardware and other Sticks (em28xx):

This is the right file to start :slight_smile:

For real? I thought it was not "video", but "media"?

if you add this to and it is not the right place then you could move it later to later.

But i think it is ok to start in because it is a video device? Or?

The "Hauppauge" device has no display. It is operated via a web interface and streams the selected program over the network. The built-in Xcode chip re-packs the stream at the specified bit rate.