USB drive speed on router


Using Asus AC51U

Tried mounting both flash drives and USB hdds, but never get more than 1-2mb/s transfer speeds over ftp.

I assume this is a hardware limitation of the router (as my drives and network handle way higher speeds than that).

If this is the case;
could someone recommend a router, preferably in the 50-100USD range, with USB that can handle at least 10mb/s transfer speeds? Preferably something that can be wall mounted.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Dynalink WRX36, it's $80 on Amazon.
The USB speed should be higher though, and ftp is dead, use scp.

FTP isn't dead.

Can you confirm the USB speeds for this router or just a hunch?

Well, it should be, even for LAN use.

It's got an USB3 port, I can do a quick test, if you'd like.