Usb device not recognized after boot

I have connected an ext4-usb storage to my hardware running almost latest version of 'lede-17.01'. The problem is that after a reboot the usb storage is not recognized at all. But if I plug the usb storage to the hardware after boot process it works. lsusb does not show any additional device after a reboot. I do not know what the reason could be as everything works, but just after the boot process. Has somebody seen a similiar issue?

  • What is


Are you talking about 17.01.2 or snapshot builds?

  • Which device/"hardware" are we talking about?
  • Please show dmesg output showing booting with USB device connected, unplugging USB device and re-plugging it
  • Are you using the USB device as storage or as extroot?

Thanks, it was a hardware issue ....