USB camera compatibility on Rockchip 3A with OpenWRT

Hi everyone,
I'm new to OpenWRT. I'm currently using a Rockchip 3A board with OpenWRT 6.1, and I'm facing issues with accessing a USB camera. Please suggest compatibility options for accessing a USB camera. I also tried OpenWRT 5.15 with the Rockchip 3A board, but it didn't work. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.

There are no such versions. It sounds like the firmware you are using did not come from the OpenWrt project.

This is not supported by OpenWrt. What you are using must be a heavily modified variant created by (or for) that system. Pleae reach out to the vendor/maintainer of the firmware you are using, since it is not from here.

Thanks for your reply... Apologies for my previous mistake. My OpenWRT version is SNAPSHOT git-23.288, and the kernel version is 6.6

Also not from this project.

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