USB audio speaker for /usr/bin/beep on non-x86 openwrt?

The /usr/bin/beep package ( seems like a neat idea. Is it possible to get it to work any USB speaker plugged into one of the USB ports (typically used for mass storage) on non-x86 openwrt router?

No, it specifically targets the onboard speaker (these days often only a piezo beeper, if connected at all) on x86/ x86_64 boards - soundcards of any kind (including USB) are not supported by this package.

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Any other alternative for non-x86 with USB speaker?

If you have a soundcard (USB or other), you can use any audio player to play back any recording (from music to beep sequences, of course).

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USB speakers are supported by kmod-usb-audio and the ALSA stack, which allows use of audio applications like the MP3 player mpg123. It works on any hardware having a USB port and enough free memory.

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