USB Attached SCSI Protocol (UASP) device not recognized

Hi, my new usb3-sata adapter (looks like it is UASP - USB Attached SCSI Protocol) does not work with my Xiaomi Wifi Router 3G (latest LEDE). I have already installed "kmod-usb-storage-uas" and reboted my router but it does not help. Could anyone please assist?

Here is info from system.log and some information from "lsusb" utility:

Thank you in advance!

Same problem task
USB storage chipset:

I have tge same problem. Is there a possibilty to use usb3.0 with usap and scsi?

Do you have a MediaTek device with USB 3.0 too? Because from the FS#1305, I think the issue is related to the xhci controller driver/hardware combination. If you just want the device to work (w/o USB 3.0) you could try to connect the device via either a USB-2.0 cable or have a usb 2.0 extension cord between the router and the device in the meantime.

(Of course, if you have to have USB 3.0 it's another story.)