USB 4G Tethering Optimization


Pretty new to this, managed to get OpenWRT and USB teetering working.

Beyond just installing the USB packages and getting it working are there any settings I should modify to get the most out of the connection.

For example should I bridge the connection, or enable IGMP?

Any advice gratefully received.

Ive not used them myself but sounds like you might want multiwan or mwan3 packages? Is the usb modem a backup for if your cable/xdsl goes down?

Thanks but I don't think I'll need that package, as I only have the one connection on it, the USB tethering.

Using it as I live semi rurally, have broadband but it terrible. Have unlimited tethering on my phone and have a decent 4g signal.

Oh, im with you now. Your phone is the modem here.. :+1:

Maybe run a few speedtest benchmarks. If low ping, low jitter, and your happy with the speed, id suggest only thing else worth doing is add sqm with the ‘a peice if cake’ profile

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Did some diagnostics last night, the ping was higher than I expected, but was getting massive latency spikes. Speed is good though, 10x quicker than my ADSL connection.

Before I had the router I connected directly to the phones hotspot, and the ping is lower and no spikes.

Should have said am using Linksys WRT32x.

I'll try that package, cheers