Usb 3/4g stick voice, internet & sms

Hi. On a remote site that i have, there is not landline and the only Access to the net is through a 3/4g. My provider offers me a packet of Voice, internet, sms and i would like yo use all of them through Openwrt. Is there a way to have all of the services in a single usb stick, please?

usb sticks don't have a voice interface, they only carry data.

but you could use a cell phone and tether instead of an usb stick.

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My 2 cents ...

Be sure both to check that your mobile telco offers Voice on 4G connection (sometimes called VoLTE -> Voip Over LTE) AND that your mobile equipment (gsm modem, data connect card or smartphone) supports it too

Otherwise on voice call the data connection will drops...

I also have a question:
How can i configure the WAN connection via smartphone tethering on usb port?




i have a usb 3g stick (e1550) that it is unlocked and it supports voice and data. I have it in an Asterisk box to send/receive sms and make/receive calls.
My question is if i could use it in Openwrt for data as well.
Unless you have a better model that supports 4g to suggest.
I would not like tether, since everything depends on the back modem of the phone/laptop.

If you have an extra device doing all the voice conversion to data, then yes, of course.
Does Asterisk do SMSes too ?

I have an E3276, which works really well. Been able to get it up to 80mbit/s at best.
They sell them cheap on eBay.

I have an extra device that handles SMS/VOICE and i would like to integrate data and have all of them in a single box with openwrt.
Does anyone have any idea how to do that, please?

Asterisk is available for OpenWRT, install the package and migrate your configuration ?

@frollic. Thanks for the reply. What about the data part?

my advice would be to use 2 different modems - one fore voice and one for data to simplify things.
running both services on the same device might be difficult to setup - at least with openwrt

I've never set up Asterisk, so I'm shooting from the hip, but I don't see how two modems would make things easier ....

one could try the official wiki

Exactly what may be difficult to setup? I think that managing 1 device is easier than 2, or not?

I haven't tried it but this is how I would proceed - 2 devices...