(US) Wired router: intel N95 dual 1GbE NICs 8GB RAM 256GB SSD 3y warranty $120

add it to the cart, to get the price.

photos say 2.5GbE port, but there's no info about the NICs in the specs.

decent deal even if it's dual 1GbE.

assume the wifi can't be used as AP.

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Based on the recent fun and games with the T8 Plus, I'd be surprised if the Wi-Fi can be used at all... :wink:

LOL. Don't you just love it when product information is... consistent?


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It gets better!


The guy in the video linked on the product page - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHG2f-6URII - says he couldn't get the thing open to upgrade it.


However... he does say that he got decent Wi-Fi performance in Ubuntu. So maybe it does have a different Wi-Fi chipset than the T8 Plus does.

General purpose linux distributions (with kernel-headers and development libraries installed, gcc and dkms available on-target) and typically only a need for STA- (client) mode are better preconditions to get stuff working quickly.

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Link to their forums where someone asked what chips drive wifi and ethernet.


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Did we ever get an answer to the ethernet controller question? Does anyone actually have the AD03 and can post the output of lspci? 1G or 2.5G? For comparison the T8PLUS is 1G with RTL8111/8168/8411.

Also tried the wifi on the T8pro using Ubuntu. Network drivers there work with the RTL8821CE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter.

I think it should be possible to port to OpenWrt. Have the source saved for some rainy weekend...

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That's very encouraging news. Thanks for the update.

I've been distracted today with other shiny stuff, so haven't looked further. Well done for continuing to dig into it.

additional info about the system


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I just got this to hopefully replace a nanopi r4s. Can confirm it's dual 1gb, both rtl8111 using r8169 driver. I installed proxmox VE on it and am trying to run OpenWrt as an LXC. After working out some kinks I got it running and routing traffic, but I'm having trouble with ping spikes and inconsistent speeds. Speed test graph on Wifiman.com looks like a sine wave. Wondering if it's related to power-saving options on the cpu but haven't had time to play with bios settings and test that yet.

Do you pass-thru one of the NICs for exclusive use by the OpenWRT container for the "WAN" side?

No, proxmox only lets me add bridge interfaces to the LXC, at least from the web interface. Maybe it can be done from the command line but I haven't looked into it yet. That port is plugged directly into my modem, added to it's own bridge in PVE, and that bridge is added to the LXC as eth0 which is the openwrt Wan interface. So it's not pass through, but nothing else is using it. I might try running openwrt in a VM and see if there is any difference, but I'm out of town and won't be able to work on it for a few days.


I compiled my own build of 23.05-rc2 and everything is working great now. I have openwrt running as an LXC, plus minidlna and docker containers running frigate and unifi controller. Speeds / pings are stable now and waveform bufferbloat score is A+.

The motherboard/bios doesn't appear to support IOMMU, so I was not able to use PCI passthrough.

It's back, now at $120 with code ACEAD03.

there's also the N5095 based T8 Pro for $110 using code ACET8PRO7.

I'd recommend folks go with the N95 over this one, see here.

I recommend you to read my 2nd last post.

Just wanted to provide readers with a comparison of the two chips.