US Amazon Zimaboard N3350 dual 8111H NICs 2GB RAM / 16GB eMMC 2x SATA 6W $101

Would make a great, passivly cooled, wired router.

there's a more expensive 4/32 and 8/32 version, using the intel N3450.

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Good deal, thanks for sharing. I was thinking about purchasing but according to reviews it looks like the RealTek NICs are the weak point on this device and make it not well suited for networking applications. Sad because it seemed like a good idea.

That would probably apply to OSes based on Free BSD, but I'm only guessing.

I would not say that Realtek NICs are a deal killer, but they do take more CPU time under heavy traffic than Intel does.

Amazon is showing me the 216 model for $139 if not logged in and $118.99 if logged in. It's hard to find any new x86 with two ports for under $150, but considering the CPU is capable of virtualization the 2 GB RAM could be a limiting factor.

Be sure to click the "clip 5% off coupon" link to get the price down from $118.99 to $113.04. Can anyone confirm the RealTek NICs work well with OpenWRT? I'm looking for an x86 device for OpenWRT that can handle SQM Cake without being bottlenecked by softirq.

Depends your internet speed too, doesn't it ?

Yes, I have a 200mbps down/10mbps up connection and even my R7800 running latest snapshot set to performance CPU governor goes to 100% CPU due to softirq when running Cake as measured by htop -d 1. I would have expected better performance on R7800 since my connection isn't even very fast. I previously had a 75mbps connection, and it was able to handle that ok, but after upgrading to 200mbps I'm looking for R7800 alternatives.

Good point. It sounds like that issue only applies to pfsense. I went ahead and purchased. Thanks!

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