UQMI issue with Sierra Wireless MC7455


I've been struggling to install my PCI-E MC7455 modem.
After a lot of poking around, it seems like the is a problem with the implementation of UQMI and /or qmi.sh

When I run:
#uqmi -s -d /dev/sdc-wdm0 --get-pin-status
I get:
"Invalid QMI command"

In the qmi.sh, this leads to a PIN_STATUS_FAILED error

I'm running the latest firmware (SWI9X30C_02.30.03.00 VERSION 002.046_001), and have disabled the PIN on the SIM card. OpenWrt is 18.06.2 running on D-link DWR-921 C3

For now, I've hacked qmi.sh, modified line 86 to grep on "Invalid QMI command" instead of "Not supported".

How can this be changed so it can work for others in upcoming releases?

maybe cdc-wdm0?

You can modify modem to mbim mode:


Sorry, yes of course cdc-wdm0 . I'm copying off another computer.

I thought QMI mode was more efficient than MBIM mode. Is that not right?

To put it in QMI mode, I used:

Better use mbim mode, because qmi script cannot put this card interface to 802.3 mode from raw.