Upstart support in OpenWrt

I'm thinking to replace the procd system manager which is currently handling all the processes, with the upstart init daemon .Since Upstart is a advanced feature of init daemon.
Could anyone please help me to developing the OpenWrt with upstart(replacing procd).
Thanks in advance.

Would you help me, and perhaps others, understand why Upstart (or, for that matter, systemd) has advantages over procd, especially in the context of resource-constrained devices?

Perhaps you could also comment on Upstart, in particular, as I understand even Ubuntu ripped it out of their OS three years ago.

Thanks Jeff.
Upstart is a event-based replacement when compared with procd.
Upstart will take care of all the daemons but procd will react based on the config files.
So, upstart is preferred.

could you please help me in developing the same.
Thanks in advance.

That still sounds confusing.

procd is integrated rather deeply into Openwrt, e.g. the Openwrt ubus (instead of dbus that upstart uses), and pretty much all of the hundreds of the applications/daemons have procd-tailored init scripts and configs. Replacing procd will be a quite large task and requires rather deep knowledge of Openwrt low-level architecture. You would also need to adapt upstart into compatibility of ubus etc.

To be honest, if you need to ask generic help, it is likely that you will not succeed.

Thanks Hnyman.
I understand the problem in the replacement.
I should complete the upstart in openwrt as per the requirement.
Even though it is time consuming, I want to implement the replacement.

Why not write a layer over procd to achieve what you need upstart for?

I'm still at a loss on the two questions. I know what Upstart is, but it is not clear at all to me why it has any meaningful advantages over procd, especially given the scale of the devices on which OpenWrt typically runs as well as the relatively simple set of services that the core OS provides.

The other question is why Upstart and not systemd if you do want to to change the process management paradigm? Upstart basically died four years ago when Ubuntu pulled the plug on it in favor of systemd. (2014-02-14)

With Bdale Garbee’s casting vote this week, the Debian technical committee finally settled the question of init for both Debian and Ubuntu in favour of systemd. -- Upstart 1.3.2, Sept, 2014 -- No commits since 2016 and only a handful of apparent bug fixes since Upstart 1.3.2