UPS - Tecnoware ERA Plus 2000

Dear all,

There is a very good offer for Tecnoware ERA PLUS 2000 UPS (basically 80% off).
Unfortunately, I'm not the expert with UPS via OpenWrt (I've read about the NUT drivers).

Does anybody use this brand ? Recommended ?
Their webpage is a mess

Here's a datasheet, but I'm not sure if it's worth

Do you have a recommendation on UPS ?
Basically for a router, VOIP, modem-router, i.e. just a few things which should stay online for a few hours (up to 24 h), maybe totalling 30 W max (in Europe) ?

Many thanks, and

cheers blinton

just check here:

You are well aware that you need something much beefier than the device you mentioned to deliver 720Wh energy?