UPnP Not Working on Raspberry Pi 4

I'm not able to get get NAT Type Open on my Xbox One X, it's on Strict, as I type this post, and shows UPnP Disabled, while PlayStation 4 Pro shows Open NAT inside Call of Duty : Modern Warfare after Port Forwarding. I have port forwarded to Xbox One ports as well, but can't get it to work. UPnP generally fixes this, but I can't get UPnP to work. It shows "There are no Redirects" even when my PlayStation or Xbox One is connected and playing a multiplayer match.

My internet setup

ONT/ONU (Bridge Mode) -> Raspberry Pi 4B (Router, PPPoE configration) -> Tp-Link Archer AX50 (Access Point Mode, DHCP off) -> PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X through LAN Cable from AP.

Any help is appreciated.

if you're forwarding ports to your PS4 then those ports are not available for use by your XBox. this is the magic of the crappy ipv4 world. Welcome to why we need ipv6.

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I have disabled Port Forwards, still UPnP doesn't work.

How to open ports for both the consoles?