Uploading image on meraki mx60

I went thru the install guide, booted from the image and did the partitions and I'm on the step to upload the image via scp or http server. Not sure how to do that, a step by step would be helpful. Mx60 is connected to computer via UART cable (com5) and a network cable (connected to wan) and computer is set to

I also set the recovery partition to 16meg

Source computer is running windows 7 64bit

  • There's no such step
  • Or if you mean while LuCI is running...simply browse to the web GUI and flash the router

If you have cleaned the partitions and moved the board-config, you simply flash the router with the Sysupgrade file.

  • Get an IP for your PC via DHCP
  • Browse to the web GUI's Firmware update page
  • Upgrade the firmware through the GUI as normal

(BTW, make the recovery partition 10MiB, 6 is too small.

I was going by these flashing directions,

  1. Create a recovery UBI partition. This will host an initramfs build so our board can have a failback image in case of a bad flash, or sysupgrade issue. Note you will first want to upload a copy of the initramfs image to the board (which can be done with SCP/HTTP Server). In the below tutorial note that the new partition is made to be just a bit larger than the initramfs image. You will want to do this as well.

I did the 2nd command and changed it from 5mb to 16meg. I dont know how to do the 1st so I can do the 3rd. Tho.

And your saying that since I'm booted off the tftp image already I can put the network cable in one of the lan ports and just do the sysupgrade flash? Probably based at

OK! This is the step where you create the recovery partition.

To flash the BIN do a wget of the file (use HTTP, not HTTPS) to the router via the command line (PuTTY is a good program for Windows).

If you prefer file transfer, use Filezilla...but you'll still need access to the command line.

After Step 6, yes.

Ok I have the file located in root of C in a folder called meraki on my laptop. I have putty already installed. How do I go about setting it up? Sorry for asking stupid questions. Its been awhile since I flashed (mr24)

OK, you need to login to the router via SSH, then. You will not need the file on your machine unless you have a HTTP server setup. You will initiate the download from the downloads site directly. Pick up from Step 6 on this post:

Perfect. So I should receive a dhcp address from the router once its booted, then I can determine the routers address, SSH into it via putty and run the wget command and I'm pretty much done, then just run the main file via the web interface?


You noted that you booted the BIN, you should be able to get an IP on LAN via DHCP now.

Yes. FYI though, the default IP is

Yes, in order to flash the BIN file as Recovery.


  • In addition, you can flash the sysupgrade TAR file from the command line (I demonstrate this in the post I linked above.)

Thank you so much, it's up and running!

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