Uploaded firmware file instead of bootloader file in BREED web

I am working with MT7628.
I was working with the BREED web and needed to update the firmware.
I made a mistake
I uploaded the firmware file instead of the boot-loader via BREED web.
Now I can not search for IP in the browser and I can not see the BREED web page.
Now I need to be able to upload BREED to my module again so I can work with it.

if you accidently used the wrong image to (re)flash the boot loader, you'll need a flash writer to recover.

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Thanks for the reply
Please state your meaning of flash writer more clearly dear
Is flash writer a hardware?
Please send me a link to find out

Kind of depends on your device, google CH341A.

I have CH341
How can I upload a BREED file to MT7628 via CH341?

it's your hardware, you tell me ...

I am working with SKW92 module which has MT7628 IC.

Do you need me to tell you more about the hardware?

no, you probably need to figure it out yourself :wink:

thank you
Now how can I upload a BREED file to MT7628 with ch341?

im waiting too, how to install breedweb with CH341a proggraammer?