Upload flashdump to wiki

I'd like to upload a flashdump for debricking purposes to the wiki. Seems the .bin extensions are not allowed in the media manager.

How can I add a binary dump of the flash to the wiki or is this unwanted?


I agree and also could not find anything in the wiki guides or how tos about handling file attachments in articles. There are many cases where I would like to extend the wiki with file uploads but can't. The result is so many links added to personal GoogleDrives, OEM firmware pages and forums like PSIDOC instead. All that knowledge is 'off-ste' and lost whenever the hoster goes offline.

There is no argument that the files might contain viruses etc - the linked tagets might anyway and we have no control over contents changing in the future!
Yes I can imagine problems providing an open upload area, but IMO think the value is worth addressing and implementing this.

The wiki is no place to distribute binaries of any kind. Aside from the security question, there is a much bigger one - licensing/ redistributability. On the one hand you'd need to ensure that the original firmware distributor is fine with that (as they will have at least some limited copyright on it), on the other hand the chances that at least part of this firmware contains GPL2 code is near 100% (the linux kernel alone suffices), which means that you must also provide the corresponding source (regardless of the question if the OEM obeyed the license, you offer the binary download, you must provide the source as well). The OpenWrt project would be ill-advised to take this legal obligation for the binary firmwares of various OEMs.


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