Upload capped to 10mbits on WRT32X

Hey there,

I have been using OpenWRT on my WRT32X since it arrived home. Just last week I have upgraded successfully from 19.07 to 22.03 without much of a hassle.
I am running pretty standard config with both radios enabled and two wired devices connected:

  • PC, with 1gbit cable connection
  • QNAP, with both 1gbit interfaces connected to the router

Wireless devices are mostly connected via AC connection using WPA2 security.
ISP connection is 360DN / 40UP

Now, to the case. I have noticed yesterday, uploading alot of videos to my OneDrive that somewhere around midnight the upload speed was capped to 10 mbits. At first glance, I just ignored it but noticed that I am completely unable to browse internet having that (note, videos were still uploading, just with 10mbits speed).

I started to dig into the topic and finally, here I am. Trying to understand where my config is crap (note, OpenWRT 22.03 config is just stock, out of the box with tweaks around wifi and dhcp, no vlans, qos or fancy port forward (im behind NAT unfortunately).

I have measured my connection speed using Ookla, being on my PC. Results were like 130 download and 9,5 mbits of upload.
I have then measured on my ASUS ZenFone 8 (turning off the carrier network for sake of double networking) and... 150 / 40 :open_mouth:

That made me thinking that this might be something wiht my PC, but having no other reliable device, I was digging more.
I noticed that the change in speed (during the day, on my PC I am getting 130/40) happens in same time that my QNAP goes to sleep.
So today, I dig further. In LUCI I have noticed that when QNAP goes to sleep, both of the devices (lan3 and lan4) are linked on 10mbits. Well :bulb: . So i turn on the QNAP, link goes to 1gbit and hey! Speedtest on PC shows again 130/40.

I have discovered just today, Software Offloading. Turned it on. Did not help altough right now my speeds on AC wifi are like 170/40.

NOTE: Limitation on maximum download comes from edge device which for now is my old WRT320N, overclocked and in cool conditions can clock up only to that speeds (perhaps with 0*C outside will clock 180 ;))

So, to the merit. Something is fundamentally wrong either with default setup of br-lan bridge on OpenWRT 22.03, the DSA itself (altough, I am affraid I just dont udnerstand it fully, how it works) or other, I dont know what.

Again, short words to sum up. During the night, nothing else is limit the speed. My wireless devices can fully utilize the connection speed.
Only UPLOAD is being damaged in this scenario (!). Download, when QNAP goes down is still on 130-140 levels.
Softare offloading makes no difference to the upload cap.

Altough I am not using my PC that much after midnight, and would be able to adjust the donwtime to my QNAP, there is definetely something wrong with 22.03 build or DSA engine if within single switch, link on one device is affecting throughput on another device.


My hardware zbt-we1326, MT7621 chipset.
I have same issue and found out (as many others in this forum, I believe there is a open bug for this) that if I have a powered off computer connected to an ethernet port, that port shows "connected at 10mbps" (you can see that info in the devices -> vlan properties)
From then on the remaining bridge ethernet ports are limited to 10 mbps upload.
In other words, bridge upload is limited to the slowest port speed.
Just unplug that powered off computer, and upload speed is back to normal in the other ports (1000 mbps or whatever)
Another workaround, is creating a separated bridge for that computer, so when it is powered off, the other bridges are not affected by the bug.
If this is not your case, I dont know what it could be.

Try forcing the speed of the port to 1000 autonegotiation off via ethtool


I believe it might be the case as you mention. Post-posting my thread I started to more carefully browse through topics on the forums and I noticed that alot members has the same problem and solution provided was upon getting ethtool and turn off autonegotiation which I will try today.

EDIT: The other thing that I dont quite understand is wired vs wireless performance.
All my life, wireless was providing lower performance than wired connection which, kinda makes sense.

Not the case with OpenWRT and WRT32X implementation. I just checked and I am getting 170 on mobile transfer and only 125mbit/s wired to my PC :frowning:
I checked the configuration and its simple, they are both in same bridge no fancy settings. Strange.

Take a look here guys:

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