Upgrading WRT1900AC from 19.07.8 to Current

Hey guys, WAY behind on versions since the last update made my router act real weird like dropping connections, freezing, etc. I figured enough is enough and time to upgrade. But getting the message that the partition layout has changed and sysupgrade is not an option.

I'm assuming like in other posts I saw in that you just need to do a forced upgrade and not save settings?

Other question is for a full image can I still use the normal button that says to use a systemupgrade compatible image? I know you usually only do full installs from your OEM Firmware and not OpenWRT, don't wanna wind up with a brick. Been there, done that, and TFPT servers and JTAG's aren't fun!

There is a kernel space change which will require using the factory image.

That I got, but the Upgrade button says "Upload a sysupgrade-compatible image here to replace the running firmware" so it's still cool to flash that from there right? Assuming I just need to force it? Or did you mean I need to revert to stock and flash from there?

Yes, force, do not keep config, and know how to deal with the change to DSA if use-case demands.

Do not know what is meant by your use of term current, but 22.x is borked (switch issue, search forum), would recommend snapshot.

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I upgraded a 1900v1 from the official 21.02 to the latest divested community build this week. I first force flashed the divested factory image through luci without keeping settings. I did not restore settings. All went well but for some reason, I couldn’t get a wan connection. I then did a sysupgrade (downgrade) to the last prior divested upgrade release and all worked well. I then did a sysupgrade to the current divested release without issue. Just wanted to share in case you ran into anything similar.

As mentioned above, if you use vlans, look into how configuring those has completely changed prior to upgrading