Upgrading to 21.02.1 from 17 WRT1900AC v.1 (Mamba)

What is recommended when upgrading from such an old version? I don't have the router in my possession at the moment, so I don't know if it even has a partition with the Linksys OEM firmware. It's not important for me to have that going forward I plan to use sysupgrades.

The quickest way in minutes with least headache will probably be to forget all about “save settings” and install 18.06 and then 19.07 and then 21.02 and then reconfig it from scratch.

I definitely wasn't going to save settings. But do I have to install each version incrementally or can I go directly to the newest?

Maybe, maybe not.
But the downloads required takes as fast as your internet and every install with reboot takes about 3minutes so the job will be done quicker than this forum tread will talk about it because this question has been talked about in this forum many times already and 60posts later in a couple of weeks we are still here at this same question.

There are alternative methods but non will move you from 17 to 21 in 9minutes.

The only thing faster then, would be if the OEM partition hasn't been overwritten. If that has happened I'll just do what you recommend. Thanks!

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