Upgrading Routes and Static DHCP List

I'm upgrading my router due to a bad radio. I've got a /26 at my house ( I have 5 kids :slight_smile: and they are blessed) . I'd like to not have to recreate my static DHCP list on the new router. What files can I move from my old router to my new one so I don't have to recreate the list if it's possible. TIA.

This OpenWrt "checklist" is helpful...


Unless I'm missing something this seems to reference doing a code upgrade. I'm moving from one router to another.

See the section on saving configuration files.

I've done a bad job explaining. The new router is not the same as the old. It's a different model. Will that still work?

I understand what you're doing.

Even though you are not upgrading an existing router, the explanations in the wiki article show you how to preserve configuration files.

You may need to make changes for the new router, but you would not be starting from scratch.

There is no migration tool for going from one router to another.

Most of the configuration is in /etc/config I run my DHCP externally, but I would expect that /etc/config/dhcp contains the reservation information. It may need some tweaking if your interface names change.

I'd pull a "complete" tar of /overlay/upper before you decommission the old device. That should contain all the changes made relative to the "stock" firmware. Better would be the entire device from /, but I don't know if busybox's tar has a flag for "one file system" so you don't swallow /sys, /proc, /dev, /tmp, and the like.