Upgrading, reinstalling packages and then my wifi won't see my SSD

I have done an upgrade on a Pi 3+, and now the wifi won't see the 5 gHz network it should connect to as a client. I did the upgrade, reinstalled all the packages and it looks the same, but I can't see that network when scanning either. I can see one 5 gHz network, but that's from a Pi 4, and there should be at least three from Asus routers around the house. Any idea what this can be?


maybe country code is wrong or not set at all ?
country code will change list of available channels

Thanks, but It's set to Norway as before, in the Wireless network client. I don't think it's possible to set it at all on the radio0, is it?

Edit: And all my routers are set to Norway too, so they should go together.