Upgrading recovery from 22.03.0 to 22.03.2 on RT3200/E8450

An easy question for an experienced user.

I have a fully functioning installation on a Belkin RT3200.

I have upgraded to 22.03.2 via Attended Sysupgrade and all is good.

My recovery image remains at version 22.03.0 and there is a newer 22.03.1 version available.


or there is

at "https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/22.03.2/targets/mediatek/mt7622/"

I think I can use the "openwrt-22.03.2-mediatek-mt7622-linksys_e8450-ubi-initramfs-recovery.itb" as I am already converted to ubi and up and running in 22.03.2 in normal mode but my recovery mode remains at 22.03.0.

My question is should I flash an updated recovery in normal mode or do I need to reboot into my current recovery mode (22.03.0) and flash the "openwrt-22.03.2-mediatek-mt7622-linksys_e8450-ubi-initramfs-recovery.itb" from there?

Just trying to not brick it.

Any advise from someone who has been there.

Thanks for any help.

Honestly, I wouldn't do a thing. The only purpose of the recovery for you is to provide an entry point to upload an old, stable image file, just in case updating fails. If you have a recovery running that you know can do that: Keep it.

I would suggest that even if your recovery would be some pre-stable build. But since you're even running a stable 22.03 recovery, having an updated recovery with a slightly newer kernel or Wi-Fi driver or whatever, brings no benefit when it comes to simply upload and install a new, blank image file.


Agree with @golialive
Basically the recovery is only used for flashing a new normal firmware. There is no real reason to upgrade it.

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I agree with you. It just gets a little confusing sometimes.

dangowrt 's newest release set has a 22.03.1 recovery at 7.88 MB.

Openwrt Stable release set has a 22.03.1 recovery at 8.3 MB

Openwrt Stable release also has a 22.03.2 recovery at 8.3 MB

I have baked in some additional packages and settings and generated an imagebuilder group and that upgrade flashed in and worked fine also and the imagebuilder does not generate a recovery itb file at all.

Now dangowrt's files have one for signed and one for unsigned and so im guessing those can only be used with his installer.

I'm not sure how the Openwrt Stable release versions are to be installed. Have not found instructions yet.

Again, I just get kinda grey on this. I keep thinking we will be on version 23.5.2 next year and still have a very much older recovery installed.

I have needed to go to recovery a time or two while exploring this AX router and the ubi and recovery is a part of the study of this E8450.

Gee I wish there was a way to get the active lanport led's to work on a RT3200.