Upgrading OpenWrt packages

Hi guys,

forgive my silly question, I am noob in Linux.

How do you update packages in Openwrt similar to other Linux distribution (apt update && apt upgrade)?

Just wondering how to keep my router up to date...

Thanks for any clarification.

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Many thanks!

Note that if you are using a squashfs based image then the packages will be reinstalled into the overlay file system and use a lot of extra space. Upgrading packages is generally not recommended because of this.


Thank you for pointing that.

Do you know if in the overlay file system packages are just updated or they going to be installed over and over again taking space until it runs out? I hope my question make sense...

opkg does not update the kernel and kernel related packages (like wifi drivers), so the "opkg upgrade" mostly upgrades non-essential user-space packages.

The files in overlay will be overwritten with newer versions, but the files on flashed firmware image are permanent

To keep router "up to date", you should flash a new firmware every now and then, and then install new versions of the packages you need.


Understood. Thanks a lot guys.

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