Upgrading my network

Hi as always I came here looking for advice. I have a PC router with OpenWrt, a TP link 245 access point (HW version 1) and an Archer C7. The rooms and the living room are connected to this access point without any problems.
Recently I need more speed in my living room, where I have a PC (with Wi-Fi max 300 on 5ghz) and a Smart TV on 2.4ghz. Among other things, I want to use Steam Link. So I was thinking of creating a wi-fi bridge between the TPlink 245 and an archer c7 and connecting both the pc and the smart tv to the c7 using the ethernet ports.
So I have a few questions, will this improve the network? Is it worth it?
Would it be faster if I set the archer c7 as a router or access point?
Can you think of a better option?

As an aside, I would like to buy another router (probably another Archer c7) in the future and create a mesh in this part of the house.
Is it possible to create a mesh between 2 routers or does the configuration have to come from the main router?

Probably not.

Use wired connections wherever possible. As a minimum have a wired connection between the 245 and c7.

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