Upgrading internet, need a new router

I recently upgraded my internet connection from 15 Mbit down to 120 Mbit down, and with such a high speed, my old WR841N is no longer fit for the job. I'm looking for a new OpenWrt-capable device to replace it, and I want to go with TP-Link again (though not necessarily) since I've had no bad experiences with them and they have the best availability where I live. In that case, I would need a device with gigabit switch ports, and 5 GHz Wi-Fi is a bonus.

Unfortunately that's where I don't have much of a choice according to my own research:

  • Archer C2: MTK-based, ToH lists 5 GHz Wi-Fi as non-working. Has a newer V5 revision which is not supported.
  • Archer C5: V2 is Broadcom-based which has implications on Wi-Fi, however I located a source for the older V1.20. ToH warns about lack of hardware NAT but probably not a big deal at my internet speed.
  • WR1043ND: older model, but looks to be the best one of the bunch?
  • Archer C7: a bit outside my price range but also seems good. Newest V4 revision.
  • Archer C20, Archer C60, ASUS RT-AC51U: ports are not gigabit
  • D-Link: DIR-815 and DIR-819 have no gigabit ports and no support

I was wondering what the community thinks would be the best pick. I'm strongly leaning towards the older WR1043ND at this point. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Consider buying a low end x86 and using your existing WR841N as a wifi access point, or getting yourself a wifi access point.

Look around in your market area for mini PCs with dual LAN. You won't be disappointed, and it will last you a decade most likely, so will only cost you tens of dollars per year.

This is the kind of thing I'm thinking of: https://www.amazon.com/Desktop-Computer-Fanless-Partaker-Barebone/dp/B072MDNV7Q

Though there are many other sources.

I own a 1043N v5 and Archer C7 v4 and would always tend to the Archer because only the 5GHz AC Wifi can max out my 200mbit connection.

Drop the first two from your list, they're not going to work.

Add Xiaomi mir3g, ZBT WE1326, AVM Fritz!Box 4040 and ZyXEL NBG6617 to your list. WLAN is probably better on the later two ipq4018 devices, but all will do your WAN speed easily.

The Xiaomi is the only one out of your list I can get where I live, but it looks to be a great choice as well. Seriously considering it now, thanks.

Does the Wi-Fi work though? I've been hearing bad things about Wi-Fi (especially 5 GHz) on MTK devices.

Works fine on my DIR-860L B1 boxes, seems to be more issues on Xiaomi boxes but that might just be due the amount of users that reports issues. I wouldn't get a MT7620 box however, if I were to get a cheap MTK based one.

If you can tell which country you're in we could probably give better suggestions as pricing and availability can be quite different between regions.

Brazil. The Xiaomi sits inbetween the Archer C5 and C7 in pricing here. I'm aware of how nice the Fritzbox units tend to be, but there's no way of getting them here (at a reasonable price at least).

Point taken on MT7620, but I assume the mir3g's MT7621 is fine?